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Perry wants to police sex lives of gays while cutting pollution controls

Texas Governor Rick Perry, would be Republican nominee for the U.S. Presidency, thinks it was completely wrong for the U.S. Supreme Court to strike down state laws that banned consensual sexual relations among gay men. Why? In fact, he strongly supported the Texas Republican party platform which would reinforce criminal laws against consensual sex among gay men. Again, why? If opposition to gay rights is all about "defending" traditional values, than why is policing the bedrooms of America a traditional value?

This isn't just about homosexuality by the way, many (though not all) Republicans are the strongest supporters of obscenity laws that target adult material made for and by, adults. Perry wants to suspend all federal regulations for six months. So, if you are a polluter who wants to dump toxic waste with impunity, go for it. If you want to run such an unsafe workplace that you put your workers lives at risk, go for it. If you are a large investment corporation who wants to play fast and loose with our economy with your financial gambles (as which happened not too long ago), than go for it. But if you are a gay man who wants to have sex with the man you love, than be ready to be arrested by Rick Perry. After all, the line must be drawn somewhere, right?


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