Did Donald Trump Forge Melania's Signature? (Photo)


Rumors abound that President Donald Trump may be forging first lady Melania Trump's signature.

Suspicions arose after actress Pamela Anderson uploaded onto social media a photo of a letter allegedly written by Melania, Uproxx reports.

"Dear Melania," Anderson's caption reads. "Thank you for your sweet note. It is heartwarming to see you manage your position with such beauty and grace. Pamela."

Anderson had sent a custom-designed faux fur coat for Melania, who responded with the thank-you note.

"I very much appreciate your sending the beautiful eco-faux fur from Only Me," Melania's letter reads. "I am grateful for your support and encouraging words; they mean a great deal."

But while the letter's contents were innocent enough, Melania's signature at the looked similar to photos of Donald Trump's own on an executive order.

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"Is Donald Trump signing Melania's letters for her?" wondered Yahoo's Dylan Stableford on Twitter, echoing the sentiments of many.

"If she doesn’t stay at the WH, then everything would have to be forwarded to NY, so why the WH paper???" added an Uproxx reader.

"Yes, Melania happens to sign her name just like Donald does," writes Kimberly Ricci for Uproxx. "Weird, right? Maybe it’s one of those things were couples start to resemble each other, although it’s probably not. Is President Trump answering his wife’s letters? Did he sign this letter and keep the coat as a fancy bathrobe? Is he a fan of 'Baywatch'? Lots of questions need to be answered here."

Whether or not it is forged, It's not the first time Trump signature's has captured interest. Many have gone as far as to extensively analyze it.

"Graphologists have long taken interest in Trump’s signature because it is so unique," said Kathi McKnight, a master certified handwriting analyst, Us Weekly reports. "The razor-sharp writing, full of points and wedges, reveals someone whose mind is extremely analytical."

McKnight also noted the lack of space between his first and last name, stating that to Trump, "what ‘Trump’ represents is equally important to him as his personal self."

President Barack Obama's signatures interestingly is also similar in this respect, but the interpretation was different.

"His family [last] name is as important to him as his individual, personal self [first name]," she said. "They are one unit. This signature has threaded writing-meaning the writing is written so fast it resembles a loose piece of thread that has come unraveled. This reveals one who can see the end result of a problem or issue so fast that his mind works lightening fast to get there. His brain is working faster than the pen can keep up."

Sources: UproxxPamela Anderson/Twitter, Dylan Stableford/Twitter, Us Weekly / Photo credit: U.S. Army Sgt. Kalie Jones/Wikimedia Commons, Pamela Anderson/Twitter, Getty Images via DylanStableford/Twitter

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