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People Sign Petition to Free All Imprisoned Illegal Immigrants (Video)

Conservative activist Mark Dice often records videos of himself asking people in San Diego to sign absurd petitions.

In his latest YouTube video (below), Dice recently asked the public to sign a petition to release all illegal immigrants from prison.

Given that Southern California has a large immigrant population, it's not a big surprise that people in San Diego might sign such a petition, but at certain times in the video, Dice does tell them that the petition is to get undocumented rapists and murderers out of jail.

There are also times when immigrants sign the petition, but may not fully understand what Dice is saying.

“Hey, will you sign a petition to help get the illegals out of prisons and jails, and support Obama. They deserve a second chance. Murderers, burglars, rapists,” says Dice to a man who may be an immigrant.

Dice then tells a woman who signs the petition, "What we want to do is release all the illegal aliens from prisons as part of the amnesty program, no matter what crime they have committed. They've been treated unfair. We just want to give them freedom."

However, when Dice gives another woman his fake spiel, she catches on and says: "Surely, you're joking."

Dice admits, "I am joking."

Later, Dice asks a man if he is wearing sombrero and inquires if he will sign a petition to "get your people out of jail."

Source: YouTube


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