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People Offered $20 to Hate Wind Power

Most people support clean energy, except for oil and coal companies who may have been behind a recent ad on offering people a "quick and easy $20" to protest against wind power.

It's not known for sure who placed this ad, but the oil and coal industry has a long history of hiring PR firms to create phony "grassroots groups" and hire fake protesters. reports that the following ad was placed on (it has since been pulled) by a firm called Ovation:

Our firm needs 100 volunteers to attend and participate in a rally in front of the British Consulate/Embassy in Midtown Manhattan on the East Side on Wednesday, January 30, 2013 at 12 noon. The event is being held in order to protest wind turbines that are being built in Scotland and England. Your participation will be to ONLY stand next to or behind the speakers and elected officials/celebrities that will be speaking at the rally. reports that coal groups paid people to protest against wind power in 2012:

Last year, coal groups threw its cash at an Environmental Protection Agency hearing, paying astroturfers $50 to wear pro-coal T-shirts. Wind has faced a particularly uphill battle against corporate interests, with a leaked strategy memo showing conservative think tanks leading an astroturf strategy to take down clean energy, at the same time a lobby group linked to the Koch brothers mobilized to defeat wind credits in Congress.


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