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Internet Users: Is Melania Happy With Donald Trump? (Photos)

Some social media users are questioning President Donald Trump and First Lady Melania's relationship after photos of her walking behind him surfaced online.

Trump hosted a reception for senators and their wives at the White House on March 28, the Daily Mail reported. The event was meant to attract both Democrats and Republicans.

But as photos of the president and wife Melania surfaced online, some social media users felt there was some distance between the two.

"His body language towards her it says it all: no connection!" wrote one commenter. "And worse than that: no respect as a wife let alone as a President's wife."

"Does Trump always have to walk ahead of his wife," wrote another. "She hardly appears for anything so the least he could do is not upstage her all the time."

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"When ever (they) are photograph in the same space, there is no sign of genuine affection and barely an has this disturbing respect," wrote another commenter. "He always come off like he is displaying a beheaded animal trophy. SAD."

"This is just for show. They aren't a normal first family couple," concluded another. "She is like trophy wife brought out for special photo ops. The body language gives it away."

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Others questioned the legitimacy of their marriage.

"When I see Trump and Melania together I don't see love, deep affection or true friendship," wrote one commenter. "They just don't seem like a couple. And they both seem very used to the weird arrangement. It's sad really."

"Body language says it all -- Trump walks IN FRONT OF his wife, doesn't touch her either," observed another user. "She is like another piece of his PROPERTY."

"Melania gets to make her once in a blue moon appearance and CHEETOLINI can pretend they're married, so he can have a model on her arm," wrote another. "She always looks like she cannot stand to be around him. Everything is a lie associated with trump and co."

While most commenters were critical of the president and first lady, some gave them the benefit of the doubt.

"Melania has been with him for 20-yrs. She could have left at any time," wrote one social media user. "I'm sure she's quite content with her opulent lifestyle. It's their choice how they live behind closed doors.

"I know more than a few couples who live separate lives, but we don't know that the Trumps are one of those couples just by a few pics."

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During the event, the president announced that he plans to make a deal on health care "soon," despite the fact that his first attempt fell apart just a few days earlier.

"I know that we're all going to make a deal on health care. And that's such an easy one," Trump said, according to the Daily Mail.

Trump added that he hopes to work with Democrats on other issues, such as infrastructure.

"Hopefully it'll start being bipartisan," Trump said. "Because everybody really wants the same thing: We want greatness for this country that we love."

The GOP's plan to repeal and replace Obamacare fell short after House Speaker Paul Ryan pulled the replacement bill on March 25, CNN reported. The bill was pulled because republicans realized they did not have the number of votes required to have the bill passed.

Sources: Daily Mail, CNN / Photo credit: Disney ABC/Flickr, AP, Reuters via Daily Mail

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