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Melania Trump's Puerto Rico Outfit Sparks Controversy (Photos)

Melania Trump's Speech Overshadowed By Dress Choice (Photos) Promo Image

When it comes to fashion, first lady Melania Trump just can't seem to catch a break, and the outfit she wore upon her visit to Puerto Rico to help with hurricane relief efforts fell under scrutiny as a number of folks criticized her for wearing work boots and white pants.

Mrs. Trump arrived on the U.S. island alongside her husband, President Donald Trump, on Oct. 3, according to Footwear News. The first lady donned white skinny-cut pants, a white shirt, a green jacket and brown classic Timberland boots. She had her hair pulled back in a ponytail and wore sunglasses and a tan baseball cap.

But despite the modest getup, a number of folks blasted her for her attire, with some taking issue with the fact that she boarded the plane in Washington wearing a navy blue turtleneck sweater with matching trousers and stiletto heels before changing into a more casual outfit on the plane, as she has done for other hurricane relief visits.

"Melania & Trump arrived in Puerto Rico…" one person wrote on Twitter. "WHY Did Melania need to change outfits? This is not a modeling show."

Others took issue with her water-resistant boots, which start at $170. One person joked that she wore them "as if she's going to go work in Puerto Rico."

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"Hope you don't get blisters from those new work boots- are they steel toed or from the new Michael Kors collection," wrote another Twitter user.

And then there were her trousers. Though casual, some have said that they made a bold statement about how different she is from the rest of the world.

"The message that some onlookers have perceived, whether [Melania] is sending it consciously or not, is that she has no intention of physically digging into the problem of disaster relief," reporter Cara Kelly wrote in a USA Today op-ed, in which the writer called the bright white bottoms "photo op pants." "Much the way her 'flood heels' left many feeling she was out of touch with the difficulties Texans were facing after Harvey, her white jeans may reiterate she's not here to get dirty."

However, a number of supporters jumped to her defense and praised her for the understated attire.

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"The same people who criticized Melania Trump for wearing stilettos now criticize her for wearing Timberland boots," one person tweeted, while another commented that liberals "are mocking Melania because most of them have never worn work boots."

Others suggested that she chose the functional Timberlands on purpose, to show the world that "it's all about emotionally immature liberals, not her shoes," as one Twitter user wrote.

Though the administration initially faced a backlash from some media sources and Puerto Rican leaders for what has been called a slow response to the tragedy, the Trumps said that all is going smoothly despite initial logistical challenges.

"After speaking [with] people affected by [Hurricane Maria] yesterday we are reminded of the fighting spirit of Americans," Mrs. Trump tweeted on Oct. 4. "[President Trump] and I are [with] you!"

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