People Explain Why They Like Donald Trump (Video)


Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump scored big wins on April 26 in multiple states, but his popularity is still puzzling to many people. Some of Trump's supporters offered insight as to why they support him on April 20 (video below).

Alternet's Rebecca Carroll interviewed Trump fans while they were standing in line in a field to attend a Trump rally on Maryland's Eastern Shore.

"What I really like about him is that he's got everybody against the established government, that's what I like," one woman stated. "We need somebody different, somebody who is not a puppet."

"He will make America great again," added a young girl. "Right now, it's not very good."

"Being a firearms enthusiast, seeing that he's pretty pro-gun is awesome," said a young man.

"You know, he is pro-women," another man stated. "You know, he wants to support women in every way he can."

According to USA Today, Trump called Rosie O'Donnell a "slob" with a "fat, ugly face"; referred to Arianna Huffington as "a dog"; allegedly said that Gail Collins, a New York Times opinion writer, had the "face of a dog"; said that singer Bette Midler was "grotesque"; allegedly said that lawyer Elizabeth Beck was "disgusting" for requesting a break during a legal deposition to pump breast milk; and has insulted Fox News' host Megyn Kelly for mentioning his previous insults against women.

Several people in line said Trump was going to "make America great again," which is the front-runner's campaign slogan.

One man said everyone was going to get a job from Trump's government, and there was going to be "money falling out of the sky."

A group of young men were impressed that Trump speaks his mind and also support him because he is "The Donald."

They showed their loyalty by drinking some beer on camera.

One man said America has endured "seven and half years of oppression" and Trump was going to "make America great again."

Carroll asked the man to describe the "oppression" that he has lived under, and the man said that he was a builder who has been "sitting home a lot with no work, and a failed health care system."

Another male Trump voter called President Barack Obama "the devil" who is "destroying everything that's good about America."

Another man said that the U.S. used to be great country "back in the day" until liberals and Democrats "gave everything to everybody."

The man then stated how tough things have been for the working folks.

Democratic presidential candidates Hillary Clinton and Sen. Bernie Sanders of Vermont have called for universal health care, a higher minimum wage, paid family leave, universal child care, cheaper college tuition and strengthening workers' unions, noted WLS-TV in February.

Sources: AlterNet, USA Today,WLS-TV / Photo credit: Rebecca Carroll/YouTube

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