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Melania Trump Flinches When President Trump Touches Her (Video)

More people than ever are concerned about the well-being of Melania Trump following a Feb. 18 video which some say shows the first lady reacting as if startled when her husband walks behind her and touches her (video below).

In the YouTube clip, which has over 23,000 views as of Feb. 21, Melania is speaking at a post-election campaign rally and preparing to lead the audience in the "Lord's Prayer," when she quickly turns her head and takes a deep breath after the president touches her arm and makes eye contact with her. She then stares blankly at the camera for a moment before resuming her speech.

Many social media users said that Melania's reaction mirrors the way that victims act toward their abusers in public and question whether it is a "red flag."

Body language expert Judi James said in an op-ed for Mirror that the pair "appears increasingly awkward and distant" though did not conclude that it is a sign of abuse.

"That hand movement plus the small, spontaneous-looking smile and laugh that follows suggests Melania was both surprised and pleased by the cheers and about to get into her stride," wrote James. "It was at that point that Trump patted her on her bare arm and the micro-gestures of her facial expression suggest the anxiety returned in an instant. Her eyes look down and it could look almost as though she shudders."

Quite a few YouTube users disagreed, though:

English not being my first language I had to look up the definition of flinch thinking I might have forgotten what it means. I did not. It turns out I knew what "flinching" means, I just do not see it in the video.

I watched this video 10 times. I saw the crowd loving her so much, I saw Donald walking on and touching her arm while the crowd is still cheering... I didn't see a flinch when he touched her though.

She didn't flinch at all......what a bunch of crap. She looked down at her notes after he did it, to begin her speech....and she returned to her notes a couple seconds later. What people will conger up to try to stir the pot !

Literally NOTHING happened, she did not even flinch. She just looked down coincidentally at the moment he touched her, perhaps at her notes. Are you people that delusional and brain-washed, trying THAT hard to criticize this family at anything that comes to mind? Ridiculous...

Still, rumors abound that Melania is unhappy with her life as first lady, possibly because she dislikes being thrust into politics.

"This life wasn’t her dream; it was Donald's," family friend Phillip Bloch said, according to Elite Daily. "Truthfully, it's a lot to cope with."

Melania reportedly hates to leave her New York City apartment, where she is staying with her 10-year-old son, Barron, and only does so when it is absolutely necessary.

An anonymous source said that the first lady is "miserable" and "unhappy with how her life ended up," although another source countered that the opposite is true and that she is indeed happy.

Sources: Elite Daily (2), Mirror, YouTube / Photo credit: Marc Nozell/Flickr

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