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Americans Believe Martin Luther King Jr. Has Endorsed Donald Trump (Video)

"Jimmy Kimmel Live!" served up another segment of its "Lie Witness News" on Jan. 18, which was Martin Luther King Jr. Day. The late-night talk show asked people on the street what they thought about the slain civil rights leader endorsing Republican candidate Donald Trump for president (video below).

Kimmel introduced the segment by saying that adults have a tendency to forget things, but Uproxx notes that it appears these people didn't know King was assassinated almost 50 years ago.

"Please don't," one woman pleaded to King. "I would be a little nervous. I think you'd be the last one to endorse Trump."

"I figure if he's gonna endorse Donald Trump for president, then maybe he thinks he'll be a good president," a second woman added. "His opinion."

One man was asked if he was surprised that King endorsed Trump even though King was kicked off "Celebrity Apprentice" last year.

The man responded, "I would be surprised, but you gotta do what's better, you know, the rich are going to support the rich. And they gotta know how to take care of their money. Because if Donald Trump, being the money man he is, will take care of their money. "

The show asked a second man if he was surprised that King didn't vote for President Barack Obama, and the man said he was since they are both minorities. The show then reminded the man that King was dead.

A third woman was asked about Malcolm X endorsing Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton. The woman said that the late civil rights leader has a home in Martha's Vineyard, Massachusetts, and that "they vacation together."

While King's positions were radically different from Trump's beliefs, Trump is garnering most of the white Christian evangelical vote, according to a recent New York Times/CBS News poll.

The New York Times notes that Trump has 42 percent, while 25 percent support Republican Sen. Ted Cruz of Texas.

Sources: Uproxx, The New York Times, Jimmy Kimmel Live!/YouTube / Photo credit: Jimmy Kimmel Live!/YouTube Screenshot

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