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Jared Kushner Supports Ivanka Trump With Coffee

It seems as though Jared Kushner commemorated International Women's Day bright and early, stepping out to buy wife Ivanka Trump a cup of coffee after a workout.

The moment is reminiscent of the time his brother, Joshua Kushner, a Democrat, was spotted at the January 2017 Women's March on Washington.

"Oh hey, it's Jared Kushner's brother," tweeted Washingtonian editor Jessica Sidman, attaching a photo of Joshua at the time.

Shortly after buying Ivanka coffee, the pair were seen leaving the house together -- a rarity -- before immersing themselves in the day ahead, reports the Daily Mail.

For Ivanka, the schedule includes International Women's Day-events, such as a luncheon hosted by first lady Melania Trump who has previously said she was dedicated to relieving "women's difficulties."

"Today, we celebrate women and are reminded of our collective voice and the powerful impact we have on our societies and economies," tweeted Ivanka, a self-proclaimed "advocate for the education and empowerment of women and girls," before leaving home.

Meanwhile, Ivanka's father, President Donald Trump, also took to Twitter to express his appreciation for women.

"I have tremendous respect for women and the many roles they serve that are vital to the fabric of our society and our economy," he tweeted.

Trump added in a separate tweet: "On International Women’s Day, join me in honoring the critical role of women here in America & around the world." 

Given the president's history, some thought the "hypocritical" president lacked any sort of "credibility" to make his comments on women's rights worth taking seriously.

"Hopefully not by grabbing them anywhere?" responded one Twitter user, alluding to a leaked video from 2005 in which Donald Trump made vulgar remarks about grabbing women by their private parts.


"How about respecting women by respecting their reproductive health choices?" wrote a third. "Their health, their choices, their rights - not yours."

Others pointed the relative lack of women in Trump's Cabinet.

Ivanka's comments were not immune from criticism.

"Yes, let's use that voice to better the lives of all women & not just those that look & think like you," responded one Twitter user.

"This should be everyday and include lesbian, bisexual, trans and intersex women!" added another.

Others came to both Ivanka and the president's defense, while thanking them for their well wishes.

"Thank you, Ivanka, for showing women how successful they can be if they work hard," wrote one woman. "We are so proud of our First Family."

Sources: Twitter/Ivanka Trump, Twitter/Donald Trump (2), Daily Mail (2) / Photo credit: Ivanka Trump/Facebook

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