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Pennsylvania Trump Voters Wonder When 'Winning' Starts

Some supporters of President Donald Trump in Pennsylvania’s Eighth District are wondering when the "winning" starts with the new president.

"Just like any other damn president," Theresa Remington, a 44-year old mom and home care worker, recently told The New York Times. "Political bluster."

Remington expected Trump to fix the health care system and improve life for veterans.

While gambling at a local casino in Bensalem, she wondered aloud how Independent Sen. Bernie Sanders of Vermont would have done as president.

Doug Meginley of Levittown said that Trump voters have "quieted down," saying, "the Trump supporters know."

The voters in the Eighth District are basically in three camps, notes the newspaper: people who regret supporting Trump, voters without regret and residents who still can't believe people ever supported the real estate mogul.

"No one wants to be wrong," said Brian Mock, a Trump skeptic in Levittown. "It’s seeing a house on fire and saying, 'That house isn’t on fire.' It is very clearly on fire."

According to The New York Times, voters in the district still trust Trump, but can't figure out why his storied deal-making skills have not paid off. While Trump is admired for his zeal, some are still shocked by his outrageous tweets, which he has been doing consistently for years.

Bill Yokobosky IV of Langhorne told the newspaper: "It’s not what he’s done, it’s what he’s trying to do. He hasn’t succeeded, really."

Yokobosky, who is a member of a labor union that opposed Trump, said the president's opponents are "nit-picking" over his possible ties to Russia, an adversary of the U.S.

"He’s fighting himself and he’s fighting Washington," Yokobosky insisted. "They’re just trying to get settled in there."

Patricia Poprik, chairwoman of the Bucks County Republican Committee in Doylestown, said there have been some "glitches" early in Trump's presidency, but added: "He thought he could go faster. I knew he couldn’t. You’ve got to get your rhythm."

"It’s really disheartening what they’re putting him through," said Jeanne Maher, a Trump supporter in Langhorne.

Maher and her husband still have a Trump campaign sign on their lawn: "We’re proud of it. We don’t want to take it down."

Mike Mallon, a small business owner in Bensalem, has a canvas that includes the outlines of Trump's face, a border wall, barbed wire and a pile of trophies, which is entitled: "Winning?"

According to Gallup's daily Trump job approval poll, as of April 15, 53 percent of Americans disapprove of Trump's performance, while 41 percent approve.

Sources: The New York Times, Gallup / Photo credit: Gage Skidmore/Flickr

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