Pennsylvania Republicans Claim Obama Mural is Suppressing Their Votes


Republicans are upset by a mural of President Obama at the Ben Franklin Elementary School in Philadelphia, where people are voting today.

The Pennsylvania Republican Party claims that the mural is somehow suppressing GOP voters.

The Pennsylvania State Republican Committee took their complaint to court today and were supported by the Democratic City Committee of Philadelphia, reports CBS Philly.

A judge in Philadelphia ordered poll workers to cover the mural with paper, so they did.

Even though the Republicans got their way, with help of the Democrats, they are still angry.

GOP chairman Rob Gleason told CBS Philly: “The Obama campaign is 0-for-2 today in trying to get away with their disgusting attempts to suppress Republican voices in Philadelphia,."

“Whether it’s blocking Republican Election Day workers from doing their job or violating Pennsylvania law by electioneering in the polling place, it is clear the Obama campaign has taken their campaign in the gutter to manipulate this election however they can.”

There have been some complaints about Republican poll watchers not being allowed into polling places, which the city is investigating.

Democrats have complained about signs outside polling places telling voters they must bring a photo ID, which isn’t required. Also, Harrisburg, Pennsylvania voters received a bogus mailer telling them that a photo ID was required.


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