Pennsylvania Gov. Tom Corbett Says He Can't Find Any Latinos to Hire (Video)

Pennsylvania Gov. Tom Corbett (R-PA) met with the Union League in Philadelphia last Friday and claimed he could not find any Latinos to work on his staff (video).

When asked about how the growing Latino vote would affect his tenure in office, Gov. Corbett insisted that he represented everyone, not just one group, noted ThinkProgress.org.

"I represent every one of you, I’ve been elected by the people of Pennsylvania to make it better than I found it,” said Gov. Corbett. “We need to be able to develop a stronger relationship with all communities."

When asked by a moderator, "Do you have staff members that are Latino?" the governor responded "No, we do not have any staff members in there. If you can find us one, please let me know."

The moderator then added: "I am sure that there are Latinos that," but was cut short by Gov. Corbett who said to the audience: "Do any of you you want to come to Harrisburg?"

The audience laughed and Gov. Corbett added: "See?"

Gov. Corbett did create the Governor's Advisory Commission on Latino Affairs (GACLA).

According to the state's website, GACLA's "mission is to ensure that the Latino community continues to prosper in Pennsylvania. The GACLA makes recommendations to the Governor on policies, procedures and legislation that would affect the Latino community in Pennsylvania and serves as the Governor’s liaison to Latinos in order to ensure that state government is accessible and accountable to the Latino community."

Sources: PA.us, ALDÍA NewsMedia and ThinkProgress.org


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