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Pence Used Personal Email For State Business

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Vice President Mike Pence used a personal email address during his time as Governor of Indiana.

Emails released to the Indianapolis Star revealed that Pence used his personal AOL account to communicate with top advisers on several high-level topics, including how the state would react to terrorist attacks.

In one email sent to Pence's private email address, John Hill, whom the Indianapolis Star described as Pence’s top state homeland security adviser, wrote about an update from the FBI about the arrests of several people for terrorism-related charges.

"I just received an update from the FBI regarding the individuals arrested for support of ISIS," Hill wrote in the Jan. 8, 2016 email. "Now a total of five persons have been arrested but three of them for providing material support to ISIS. The other two for conspiracy and transporting stolen goods."

In total, there are about 30 pages emails that the Indianapolis Star received that show Pence used a personal email account to conduct government business.

Democrats have used the email revelation to describe Pence as a hypocrite for criticizing Democratic presidential nominee Hillary Clinton for using a private email sever built and run from her private residence to conduct business related to her Secretary of State duties.

"I'm trying to choke down the vomit," said Democratic pundit Paul Begala on CNN, according to Raw Story. "I'm sickened. It's too spectacular. Irony has not only died, it drank a gallon of antifreeze and threw itself off the Washington Monument. There is no more irony in America."

Although Begala criticized Pence for criticizing Clinton, he went on to say that government employees should always use government email accounts.

"I still think that's right," Begala continued. "He didn't violate any federal laws, apparently. Gov. Pence, at the time, didn't break any state laws. But the principle attack on Hillary, [from] the Republicans, was because she used a private email. It was certainly not a crime. Right-wing Republican Jim Cohen said no prosecutor would take this case so we know she didn't. I trust Gov. Pence didn't. I don't want to hound him. The hypocrisy is staggering. Words fail me."

But Kayleigh McEnany said Pence's email scandal isn't the same as Clinton's and that the uproar is simply fabricated by the media.

"This is what the Trump administration is against, a hostile press [that is] going to any length to drown his presidency," she said. "Case [in] point, this article from the IndyStar, you find out, half way down, this isn't a violation of state law at all. The Trump administration is going to have to learn how to navigate hostile reporters who discredit their own story."

Sources: Indianapolis Star (2), CNN via Raw Story / Photo credit: Gage Skidmore/Flickr

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