Nancy Pelosi Calls For Trade Deals That Protect American Workers

Nancy Pelosi, the minority leader of the House of Representatives, wrote a column for USA Today claiming “trade promotion authority is on its last legs.”

Pelosi recently led the charge to slow down a fast-track trade authority agreement, arguing it disenfranchised workers. Though President Barack Obama was humiliated by the wave of Democrats turning against him to vote down the measure, Pelosi explained she’s trying to protect American workers and, in turn, the economy. She called for trade agreements that protect Americans.

“We must recognize that a strong middle class is vital to a democracy. We must work together to expand globalization's benefits to all people of the world, and to lessen its harmful impacts,” she wrote. “As we look to the future, it is clear that the debate on the trade authority is probably the last of its kind. The intense debate of the past few weeks has further convinced me that we need a new paradigm.”

Pelosi called for a new conversation on globalization and trade “…an engagement that enables voices from all aspects of the world's economies to be heard.” She also promoted green and renewable energy.

“Our pre-eminence in clean energy is essential to maintaining America as No. 1 in the global economy, and we must protect the intellectual property rights of entrepreneurs,” she wrote. “We must ensure that trading partners play by the rules and uphold their responsibility to their international obligations.”

Pelosi also praised American workers and called on her fellow lawmakers to protect them. “American workers have followed the rules, playing an essential role in building the global economy. Our job is to ensure they have fair and sustainable opportunities by forging international consensus on the values on which our economic policy must be built.”

Sources: USA Today, The Huffington Post

Image via Nancy Pelosi/Flickr


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