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Paul Ryan, Ted Cruz Cast Ballots For Trump

Two Republicans who had originally been resistant to GOP nominee Donald Trump have now voted for him. The House Speaker, Republican Rep. Paul Ryan of Wisconsin, and Republican Sen. Ted Cruz of Texas have cast their ballots for a nominee who they have both previously criticized.

On Nov. 1, Ryan confirmed that he had voted for Trump during an interview with Fox News' "Fox and Friends."

"I stand where I’ve stood all fall and all summer," Ryan said. "In fact, I already voted here in Janesville for our nominee last week in early voting. We need to support our entire Republican ticket."

The House Speaker added that the most important thing for him was to avoid Democratic nominee Hillary Clinton becoming president. He described her and a Democratic majority in Congress as the “worst of all possible things -- if Republicans do not turn out and do not vote.”

After a 2005 audiotape featuring Trump bragging about kissing and groping women without their consent surfaced in early October, Ryan told his fellow Republicans that he would no longer defend the business mogul on the campaign trail, according to CNN.

While Ryan has condemned and distanced himself from the GOP nominee, he appears to have followed through on his pledge to support him.

Cruz, who had been among Trump’s fiercest critics during the GOP primary, confirmed to Houson media that he had cast his ballot for the business mogul.

“I voted straight-ticket Republican,” Cruz said, according to The Hill. “I encourage conservatives to come out and all across Houston, all across the state of Texas.”

After suffering personal attacks on his wife and father from Trump during the primary race, Cruz had refused to endorse the GOP nominee during the Republican National Convention in July. He would later change his tune in late September, coming out in support of the business mogul.

On Oct. 31, it was discovered that former Republican Gov. Rick Perry of Texas had urged Republican Rep. Michael McCaul of Texas to challenge Cruz for his Senate seat in the 2018 primary. Shortly after McCaul announced his intention to challenge Cruz, the Texas senator swiftly reversed his position on Trump.

Meanwhile, Republican Gov. John Kasich of Ohio cast his ballot on Oct. 31. Kasich’s political spokesman, Chris Schrimpf, confirmed that the governor had voted straight-ticket Republican but had not voted for Trump, The Cleveland Plain Dealer reports.

When it came to voting on a president, Kasich reportedly wrote in the name of a former GOP nominee, Republican Sen. John McCain of Arizona.

“Donald Trump is a man I cannot and should not support,” Kasich had said on Oct. 8, in response to the audiotape featuring Trump bragging about kissing and groping women without consent.

The Ohio governor labeled Trump’s comments about women "disgusting," saying, "but that’s not why I reached this decision, it has been an accumulation of his words and actions that many have been warned about. … Our country deserves better."

Sources: Cleveland Plain DealerCNN, Fox and Friends via YouTubeThe Hill / Photo credit: Gage Skidmore/Flickr

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