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I have a strange personal philosophy about having pride in one’s country, or at least I think others would call it strange. I believe that one should not be proud of anything they have not done themselves, or anything they helped do.

I am a proud person; I often hear people calling me arrogant. My stance is that I have earned this pride. I accomplished something, and I was proud of myself. If this is arrogance, then I guess I am just that. What I don’t understand is why pride in something one has accomplished is labeled as arrogance, whereas pride in something one has had no part in accomplishing could be called “patriotism.”

For some reason, people are proud of their country. More specifically, being from America, I will be talking about American patriots. For some reason, people in the United States are extremely proud to be from the United States. I don’t understand the reasoning behind it. They are proud of being born. This is no accomplishment: everyone is born, and more importantly, the people who are proud of being born had absolutely nothing to do with the act. So why should someone be proud of being born somewhere? Why are people proud to be Americans? What have they done to accomplish this? I don’t understand it at all.


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