Pat Robertson To Donald Trump: 'You Inspire Us All' (Video)


Republican presidential front-runner Donald Trump appeared at a town hall at Regent University, a college founded by televangelist Pat Robertson, on Feb. 24 (video below).

”I think we’re really doing well,” Trump said. “It looks like we’re on a great trend and we have tremendous support, and we have amazing people in this country. And one of the most amazing people in the whole country is our great friend, Pat. Will you come out here Pat? One of the great people.“

Robertson walked out on stage, hugged Trump and said, “Man, it’s good to have you with us, you inspire us all,” notes

During his appearance, Trump mentioned that a company was going to manufacture air conditioners and “probably have illegals walk them in because it’s cheaper that way. Nobody checks them. Well, nobody checks them, so every illegal gets an air conditioner, walks them across.”

Trump went on to say that Ford was building a plant in Mexico and “will have illegals drive cars across the border.”

In more Trump news, the billionaire responded to 2012 GOP presidential nominee Mitt Romney who called on Trump to release his tax returns on Feb. 24, reports

Romney told Fox News that there could be a “bombshell” in Trump’s returns.

In response, Trump told CNN, “[M]y returns are extremely complex, and I’ll make a determination at the right time. I’m in no rush to do it. Nobody’s been bringing it up, except for Mitt Romney and the reason he brings it up is that he lost in the last election and he lost very, very badly.”

Sources:, / Photo Credit: CBN via YouTube

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