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Pat Boone Trashes 'Black/White' President in Bizarre 'Dream'

Legendary crooner Pat Boone recently recalled a scary dream about a "young black/white college student" who was tutored by a "secretive cabal of Communist manipulators."

In an op-ed for the conspiracy website WorldNet Daily, Boone claims this "glib and articulate" black/white college student "was ready to foment a total overthrow of what he called 'the colonial oppressor of Third World countries!'"

Boone then says the wealthy Communist manipulators "got the young man admitted to Columbia and then Harvard."

Of course, there is no actual proof of Boone's dream/claim, but he continued, "This young anti-American man had brief jobs as a 'community organizer' in Chicago... in an astonishing coup, was 'elected' president of the United States!"

Boone then claims the "electoral process was so corrupted by another Marxist organization named ACORN that the outcome would always be questioned," but again fails to provide any proof.

Boone them dreamed about this man's re-election and how he was "piling up trillions of unpayable debt on the hapless taxpayers," but failed to mention that Congress holds the purse strings.

Boone did add that this black/white man is guilty of "bamboozling and intimidating both houses of Congress," but does not say how.

Boone then mentions a debunked "birther" conspiracy theory: "The absence of a valid birth certificate and the placing on the White House website of a Photoshopped fraud he claimed was a 'copy' of the original, which didn’t exist."

Boone concludes, "I woke up trembling, in a cold sweat, furious but weeping for my country. Surely it couldn’t be true, America could never let this happen!"

In more Obama-bashing, Family Research Council president Tony Perkins was livid over the Obama administration's decision to fly a rainbow flag above the U.S. embassy in Israel to support LGBT rights, notes (audio below).

“The rainbow flag over Israel, the last time they were flying that over Sodom and Gomorrah it didn’t work out so well,” stated Perkins. “This administration is not just ignoring or indifferent to traditional values, it is hostile to them, it is hostile to the very things that made America great.”

Sources: WorldNet


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