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Partisanship can be hazardous to your brain!!!

Is the world over yet?  The sky is falling approach from partisans has turned many people off.  Most people have decided to sit this one out.  The truth of the matter is, the ones who should have been the most vocal on health care should have been those with no insurance or those who are having a hard time paying for their insurance.  If you watch the news, you would think that most Americans are against the Health Care Bill.  It could be that the most motivated ones are those who wish to see it defeated.

This blind devotion lead some protesters at a rally in D.C. to do the unthinkable.  Some Tea Party protesters spat and hurled racial epithets at black lawmakers.  They crossed the line from which they can not cross back over!!  Rep. Lewis from GA has seen this before.  Those who called him the N-word probably knew of his history in the civil rights struggle.  Rep. Cleaver was spat upon, but refused to press charges.  Many in the Tea Party movement did not immediately repudiate the actions of those racists.  Instead they tried to circulate that those people were plants placed there by Democrats to make them look bad.  One lady Veronica Foxx, a black Tea Party supporter who says she was at the rally where these events took place, claimed that no racial events occurred.  She actually accused me of being a racist for merely posting a link of the incident.  She got so heated that she wanted to call my school where I work and tell my principal that they have a racist working there.

Let's think for a minute here.  A person that I don't know has made a quick assessment about my character and now she wants to interfere in local Augusta Ga matters from D.C. (which is where she lives)  I thought Conservative Tea Party Members were against the Federal Government meddling in the affairs of local folk. (especially education)  I felt sorry for this lady at that point and left her alone.  The very next day the Health Care Bill passed.  I knew she must be hurting.  Not too bad though because I am sure she is properly insured.  Can anyone say Self-Righteous Indignation!!! 

In my book Plain Talk Volume 1, I talk about the stereotyping of the black as as a criminal.  In the photo, notice how it depicts Obama as a street thug holding a knife to Uncle Sam's throat!!


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