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Parody Video: Comedian Andy Cobb Slams Ohio for Deciding the Presidential Election

A new Quinnipiac University/CBS News poll released today shows President Obama has a 5 point lead over Republican presidential nominee Mitt Romney in Ohio.

No GOP candidate has ever won the presidency, since 1960 ,without winning Ohio. That's why Pres. Obama and Romney are campaigning in the state almost weekly.

In response, comedian Andy Cobb slammed Ohio for deciding the presidential race in a recent video (below) released by the Second City Network, reports

Cobb said: "Many things divide Americans, but we can unite behind a common enemy — a force making us irrational, weak and stupid. We must come together to destroy it before it destroys us. F*ck you, Ohio."

“I lived in Ohio for years. It’s not all monsters, but mostly. And now they rule us all. Candidates have to win Ohio to be president so they are the only people who matter, as opposed to, say, you. And many of them, clearly, are f*cking idiots.”

“Democracy is over and they won. I’m not saying we should build a wall around Ohio and burn the whole thing to the ground with everyone in it. We have to let the Ohioans out first so they can help rebuild what’s left of civilization after Ohio is done with it. The rest of us are taking it right in the buckeye.”


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