Parents Sued Over Lawn Sign Supporting Marine Son

A homeowners association in Louisiana is suing a couple to force them to take down a sign in support of their Marine son stationed in Afghanistan.

According to a report in the Shreveport Times, Timothy and Jodi Burr put up a sign on their lawn outside their house in Bossier City in January that reads, "Our son defends our freedom" after he was deployed to the war zone.

However, the family's subdivision, called Gardens of Southgate, has a regulation that bans lawn signs, except for real estate and builder signs. After the couple ignored several letters requesting that the sign be removed, the homeowners association filed suit.

But the Burrs are fighting back. In their official response to the suit, the couple claims that signs supporting schools or sports teams are scattered throughout the neighborhood. Why are those signs allowed while theirs is not?

Also, they say the sign ban violates their free speech rights.

"This is a restriction of our First Amendment rights," Timothy Burr said.

A lawyer for the homeowners association would not comment on the pending case, but the lawsuit says the association could "not allow or prevent the placement of signs in the subdivision based on content."


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