Sarah 'Palin'itis Still Afflicting the Left


It's been two years since the presidential election and America's left is still suffering the symptoms of Palinitis.

It's in their heads and their hearts.  It's the subject of continual opinion pieces and news stories.  It seems you can't watch any of the usual suspect leftwing broadcasters such as MSNBC and CNN, or listen (if you can stomach it) on NPR without seeing evidence of the disease.

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Sarah Palin

Former Alaska governor Sarah Palin has gotten under their collective skins and they cannot seem to find the cure.

The latest to suffer the effects of Palinitis is CNN's own Anderson Cooper.

Last night Cooper devoted his show (if you can call it such) to a 'feud' between Palin and a columnist at the Wall Street Journal.  He even brought in a couple of panelists to discuss how Palin's opinion was wrong, and how terrible it was that she didn't, at the very least, apologize.

Cooper hammered his point that " is a pattern" for Palin to 'attack' those who dispute her.

The only pattern I saw was from Cooper himself who, after the obligatory statement that this happens with both Democrats and Repubicans, went on as expected and threw a Republican - Palin - under the spotlight.

He repeatedly referred to Palin as a politician (note to Anderson Cooper: Sarah Palin is a former governor), and tried to suggest she should refrain from her modus operandi.

On a day when a phantom missile/airplane entrail spotted off the West coast was the talk of the nation, on a day when President Barack Hussein Obama's latest exercise of ass-kissing Islam in Indonesia made global headlines, Anderson Cooper decided that an innocuous Sarah Palin-WSJ difference of opinion was worthy of focus.

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Anderson Cooper

The constant spin from the political/media left, of which I include Anderson Cooper, endlessly tries to mock Palin, questioning not only her opinions and statements but her intelligence a la Bush.  They seem hell-bent on portraying Palin as someone who shouldn't be taken seriously, that her credibility is nothing and that she is a sort of an afterthought on the political scene. 
The message is that Sarah Palin should not be given serious thought.

The irony, of course, is that the constant attacks on Palin proves she is exactly that - a major player in American politics.  Their Palin obsession has caused a solidification of her reputation and credibility.  As one of Cooper's panelists pointed out, Palin batted .900 in her support of candidates last week.

While Sarah Palin has not announced, or even hinted, at a run for the White House in 2012, it is apparent the leftwing machine believes that she will. 

And that has them running scared.

I wonder if Obamacare covers Palinitis?


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