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Sarah Palin Seems Peeved with Joe McGinniss

This is not an election year for Alaska. The former half-term governor no longer welds any political power in her home state. Palin is now a private citizen she tells us, although she is a FOX news consultant (wonders never cease). I guess she just can't help herself. When Joe McGinniss moved in next door to her Wasilla home, Palin immediately went on the attack.

Palin claimed that he was looking in her windows, had installed cameras, and in general was invading her privacy. This is incredible. Palin seems to be the one who was taking pictures of Joe on his deck and posting them online. Palin, of course, resorted to Facebook, to make comments and post pictures of the writer at his home. McGinniss has not said anything about his new abode, has not posted any pictures and has assured Palin that while he is writing a book about her, he has no intention of invading her privacy.

While it is understandable that Palin may be a bit skittish with McGinniss next door, the meaness is uncalled for. Why McGinniss chose to be so close (physically) to his subject matter is rather odd. However, putting both of these aside, I find it amusing that there is such a stir over this.

First, if he is doing a book on Palin it would only make sense to interview people and perhaps walk some of the same roads that she has walked. Second, if one follows this reasoning, McGinniss would need to be in Wasilla .... AK is kind of remote and towns are scattered. Third, Wasilla is not very big, so I can't imagine there would be to many homes for rent in the town. Fourth, if Palin is really upset about the arrangement, why does she keep talking about it? Fifth, after reading the op-ed in the local paper, it really appears as if Palin is threatening McGinniss, letting him know that in AK it is legal to use brute force to protect ones property.....really Sarah?


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