Palin Rips Media for Manipulating Message, Posts Manipulating Video


Sarah Palin says the mainstream media is often out to get her -- or at least misrepresent her words and actions instead of reporting her thoughtful analysis of substantive issues. Nevermind that she couldn't name a single newspaper that she reads to help inform her of those substantive issues while on the 2008 campaign trail or name a single journalist she admires at a recent cable news event. But this being 2011, candidates don't have to sit and around and hope for coverage. They can take to Twitter, Facebook and YouTube and create their own scripted media. Palin has proved herself extremely adept at this proactive approach, far better than GOP candidates like Mitt Romney, Tim Pawlenty or the staff-less Newt Gingrich (or has he already dropped out?).

Taking it a step further, some politicians even board a bus bound for historical sites and claim it's not a presidential candidacy tour even though we all know it is. In this carefully packaged piece, Palin shows us only quick media sound bites, adoring fans and the "real" America she loves so much. It's interesting that Palin always tries to have it both ways. On one hand she says "Not surprising, some members of the media missed a lot of this due to their relentless and futile search for scuttlebutt." But let's not forget it was Palin who refused to release a schedule to the media (and supporters). How were media members supposed to see this if they weren't invited? What can she expect when she only provides the media with short snippet interviews at places like Paul Revere's home? Now, would the media report on Palin's speech about Middle East politics and the Arab Spring? Who knows. Once it happens, maybe she can let us know.


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