Palestinian Terror Group Uses Bread Cart To Camouflage Rocket Launcher (Video)

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A new video posted by militant group Al Aqsa Martyrs' Brigades shows the launch of two rockets in a civilian area, suggesting that terror groups are becoming more creative with camouflage in order to avoid detection.

The Israel Defense Forces have warned for years that Palestinian terror groups can launch rockets under civilian guise, putting both Palestinian civilians and Israel targets in danger.

In the video, a Brigades man in civilian clothing is seen pushing a cart with a cardboard cover. The cart appears to contain "beigelehm" a type of bread sold in Jerusalem's Old City, and looks just like any cart used to sell goods in an Arab market in Gaza.

The man then places the cart near a residential home and removes the cardboard cover from the cart. The man moves out of the camera's frame, followed by the launch of two rockets that fly dangerously close to a home.

The exact location of the attack is unclear, since it appears the video was edited extensively to blur any suggestions of locale. 

The Brigades group has previously posted other videos containing similar content - one features the launch of rockets from deep in the ground. The group has claimed to be responsible for an increasing number of attacks.

Since the start of the attacks, the Israel Defense Force has encouraged civilians to evacuate certain areas  before they are attacked. However, Palestinian militant Islamist group Hamas has demanded that civilians ignore the IDF's warning in the hopes of increasing the number of human shields.

Sources: The Blaze, Israel National News


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