Pakistani Car Bomb Kills 15 During David Cameron’s Visit


Yesterday, at least 15 people were killed when Pakistani militants detonated a car bomb aimed at security forces. Many of the victims were civilians, 35 others were wounded, and three children numbered among the dead. The attack occurred on the outskirts of Peshawar, in the northwest, about 100 miles from the capital of Islamabad where British Prime Minister David Cameron was visiting.

This incident is one of a series of attacks rocking Pakistan since the ascension of Prime Minister Nawaz Shariff.

According to Shafeeullah Khan, a senior Peshawar police officer, militants exploded a parked sedan by a remote detonator as a three-truck convoy of paramilitary troops drove by.  The blast shattered glass, damaging nearby shops and cars, reigning down debris, clothing, and blood.

Though no one particular group has taken responsibility for the attack, all bets are on the Taliban. The Taliban’s seven-year domestic insurgency has already taken the lives of thousands of Pakistanis, targeting security forces in particular. Furthermore, this latest incident comes just eight days after the Taliban claimed credit for murdering 10 foreign mountain climbers as retribution for American drone strikes.

The attack is one of a few indications of the Taliban’s resurgence. Cameron’s visit to Pakistan and Afghanistan was meant to bolster peace talks between the Taliban and several U.S. allies. During the talks, which took place in Qatar, the Taliban infuriated Afghan president Hamid Karzai by hoisting their flag of sovereignty and treating their office as an embassy. Karzai halted the talks but they have since resumed.

Despite the peace talks with the Taliban, Cameron concluded his visit by promising greater British assistance in combating domestic terrorism in Pakistan. “The enemies of Pakistan are enemies of Britain,” Cameron stated. “We will stand together and conduct this fight against extremism and terrorism together.”

Sources: Fox News, LA Times, The Nation


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