PA wants UN to declare settlements illegal

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The PA is bypassing negotiations by seeking a UN resolution to declare that settlements in Judea and Samaria are illegal, and to stop further construction in part of Jerusalem.  I urge the United States to use its veto to defeat this proposal in the Security Council, and all of its influence to defeat any such proposal in the General Assembly.  Further, the United States should introduce a UN Resolution that requires the PA to engage in direct (face to face) negotiations with Israel.

You may recall that Israel froze construction for nine months in order to encourage negotiations.  The PA refused.  The PA has never agreed to direct negotiations, probably because this would be a tacit recognition that Israel has a right to exist as a state.  At the end of the nine months an extension was sought.  This is the kind of game that the PA continually plays.  Using this strategy, they continue to play on efforts to delegitimize Israel.

You may recall that in past statements, the injured Representative Gabriel Giffords has promoted the need for direct, face-to-face negotiations between the PA and Israel.

You can support this by contacting the President at Contact the State Department  Contact the US Ambassador to the United Nations at Contact your Senators and Representative as well.

It is time for the United States to do the right thing, and put up a road block that would detour the PA into a real negotiation process.


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