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Trump Supporters Outraged Over Trump's Islam Comments

President Donald Trump was slammed by his supporters and opponents on May 21 for his speech in Saudi Arabia.

According to Raw Story, many Trump fans on Twitter were upset that he called Islam "one of the world’s great faiths" and refused to say the phrase "radical Islamic terrorism":

Today is the day Donald Trump became President Cuck. Too scared to say #RadicalIslamicTerror. Pathetic! #maga [realDonaldTrump].

[POTUS] Islam is NOT a faith & every non-muslim is in Dar al-Harb "House of War" according to the fascist POLITICAL ideology-Don't get your hopes up.

On Saudi trip, Trump using "violent extremism," not "Islamic terrorism," bowing to the Saudi king, Rex condemning *Iran*.

Trump is delivering this speech like he's been lobotomized is his way of boring the MAGA crowd into ignoring his praise for Islam.

So making a deal with devils, calling Islam "great" & Saudi Arabia "sacred land" is what Trump fans voted for? Guess so, as they heap praise.

Trump is the true meaning of an egomaniacal narcissistic power hungry cuck who wants total control.

Why didnt he say Radical Islamic Terrorism? Not once. Says Islam is a great faith - he has been neutered.

Donald Trump in 2016: Muslims is the biggest threat to this country. Donald Trump in 2017: Islam is a great faith.

Trump sounds just like a typical Washington cuck. The problem isn't terrorism in general, the problem is Islam in particular.

Trump's critics also dinged him and his supporters on Twitter, reports Raw Story:

That awkward moment when your conman says Islamist Extremism instead of the promised RADICAL ISLAMIC TERRORISM bc you're just that gullible.

If Trump doesn't say the Magic Words "Radical Islamic Terrorism" at least 5 times, he's part of #CreepingSharia.

Trump is not only not saying "radical Islamic terrorism," he's rejecting the *premise* of the phrase he mocked Obama/Clinton for not using.

He refused to say radical Islamic terrorism, said Islam is one of the great religions of the world, sounds contradictory and apologetic MAGA.

As usual Trump is all tough in America then goes to Saudi Arabia & does not say Radical Islamic terrorism. Will his supporters notice?

Trump bows to Saudis, approved sale of all weapons systems they want and stopped saying "Radical Islamic Terrorism." Got a nice gold medal.

A princess who curtsies in front of the Saudis would never say "Radical Islamic Terrorism," either.

Trump has change his use of "radical Islamic terrorism" to "people who haven't given my daughter money yet."

[realDonaldTrump] proves he's a p***** and a liar. Didn't once use the term RADICAL ISLAMIC TERRORISM. he's everything he called Obama & Hillary.

Sources: (2) / Photo credit: Gage Skidmore/Flickr

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