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America's New Favorite Progressive: Laura Bush?

As First Lady, Laura Bush pretty much kept a low profile. But now that she's away from the White House, Bush is speaking her mind. And she's sounding more and more like a liberal -- views that collide with what we've become accustomed to from the Bush family.

During a slew of media appearances promoting her new book, Bush said she's in favor of abortion rights and same-sex marriage, as well as supporting Elena Kagan's nomination to the Supreme Court. Her latest left-leaning opinion -- she is speaking out against Arizona's new immigration law.

Asked on Fox News if she is "unhappy" with the Arizona law, the former First Lady said, "Well, not necessarily, I mean I think we have to have immigration laws and that's just a really important part of it. It's just that the debate about immigration laws, about Arizona's law in targeting someone, a group of people, and this is not new in American history.

"There have been many groups of immigrants who have been targeted over all of our history, the Irish for instance, when a lot of Irish immigrants, including my family, came to the United States [and] other times, and it's just a trace of Nativism that shows up in American history in a lot of different ways."


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