Our Nations National Debt

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After World War II, for 37 straight years we as a country were paying down the National Debt. In those 37 years every President we had managed to pay down the National Debt. Truman, Eisenhower, Kennedy, Johnson, Nixon, Ford, Carter and Clinton ALL paid down the National Debt during their administrations.

In 1981 Regan ran his campaign on two basic principals. #1 The "Tax & Spend" Democrats would mortgage your childrens futures. #2 Our National Debt was out of control. Regan was elected and our National Debt BALLOONED! Next came GHW Bush who tried but was out voted by his own party and again the National Debt Grew. Under Clinton the National Debt decreased in fact we had a 400 billion dollar surplus. Then GW Bush was elected, not a single year did we decrease the National Debt.

Folks, Regan, Bush 1 & Bush 2 were in office for 20 years. In 20 out of 20 years the National Debt went up. In fact in those 20 years the National Debt went up a total of $9.2 Trillion dollars. People need to know the truth and not just follow blindly behind the smoke screen the Republican Party has dished out. People need to look at the facts and face reality if we are ever going to get our great country back on track.

I would suggest you research this website, and check the validity of any of the facts stated on this website. Every single voter in the USA should be required to do this kind of self education before being allowed to vote. Please take a minute to look at this website thouroughly. I guarantee you will be shocked!


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