Osama is not something to celebrate.


Cheering and screaming and death, death, death.  Don't forget it was death that made him the enemy.  He was wrong.  He was inhumane, and he needed to be put down.  But a dog who is put down is no reason for celebration.  When we euthanize a dangerouse pitbull there is no celebration.  There are fingers pointed at those who made the pitbull dangerous.  Improper training or neglect or just a real a//hole make pitbulls that get put down.  We don't celebrate the death but we feel a solemn peace that the animal won't do more damage.  To kill osama is not wrong, it is necessary, but to celebrate the killing makes us less than we ought to be.  I understand those who were personally connected to 9/11.  I say give them a pass.  They have suffered and as such will be prone to hate, and this is further destruction of the initial act.  That is, in the 9/11 massacre the massacre goes beyond destroying those who suffered in the attack.  The attackers are responsible for death, pain and suffering of loved ones, but also for the hatred they instilled in those who were affected.  Don't celebrate death.  Celebrate life and the lives saved by the aversion brought by bringing murderers to justice.  Kill in self defense.  But don't celebrate.  America must be bigger.  We always have been.  We lead by example.  Being powerful always means being responsible.  So be responsible.  The video showing Obama's address to our military showed, solemn men, tired of death, and content, not celebratory, with osama's death.  They did not cheer.  They are bigger than that.  They are on the front lines.  They suffer and they cause suffering. But not for vengence.  They suffer and they cause suffering so that we will not suffer again.

I love my country.  Don't lose sight of what we are. 


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