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Oregon Governor Signs New Gun Control Measure

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Oregon Gov. Kate Brown signed new legislation that will require background checks on gun transfers between individuals.

Oregon is now the eighth state to screen almost everyone for most firearm purchases and sales. The law will take effect immediately, The Wall Street Journal reported.

“We have an obligation to protect Oregonians from gun violence. If we want to keep our kids, schools and communities safe we must make it harder for dangerous people to get guns,” Brown, a Democrat, said.

Republicans largely opposed the measure, saying the legislation will harm lawful citizens.

“The good intentions behind Senate Bill 941 do not change the fact that it is a deeply flawed and unenforceable piece of legislation that targets responsible, law-abiding Oregonians,” Mike McLane, a state representative said.

Oregon's Democrats have been advocating for stricter gun control policies in the wake of numerous high-profile mass shootings, such as Newtown, Connecticut, that have raised awareness on gun violence.

More specific to Oregon, the legislation is in response to a 2012 shooting at a shopping mall during the Christmas season, where a man killed three people and later himself. The assailant stole the firearm that was used in the shooting.

State lawmakers had tried twice before to pass stricter gun legislation, but to no avail. Now, Democrats have a larger portion of the state legislature and were able to pass these stronger measures.

Sources: The Wall Street Journal, KOIN 6

Photo Credit: Wikimedia Commons


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