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Voting In Oregon Just Got Easier With Governor Signing Motor Voter Bill


On Monday, Oregon Gov. Kate Brown signed first-in-the-nation legislation that will make voter registration automatic in her state.

The Motor Voter bill will, using DMV data, register voters whose information is stored in the DMV system automatically. Those who wish to be removed from the registry will be given a 21-day opt-out period to do so. The goal of the bill is to allow those who move often, including students, young voters and working families, to keep their right to vote, Reuters reports.

“I challenge every other state in this nation to examine their policies and to find ways to ensure there are as few barriers as possible for citizens' right to vote,” Brown said. The governor took office last month after former governor John Kitzhaber resigned following an ethics scandal.

The new legislation, originally proposed by Brown when she was Secretary of State, will use DMV data to register voters. Voters will then be sent a postcard with instructions on how to opt out of registration.

Republican lawmakers voted against the bill unanimously, saying that they believe it puts citizens’ privacy at risk.

“A one-size-fits-all approach to voter registration does not work for our most vulnerable citizens that could be endangered if their personal information is suddenly made public,” State Sen. Kim Thatcher said in a statement.

Source: Reuters / Photo Credit:, Vox Efx/Flickr


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