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Oprah Winfrey Considers Running For President In 2020

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Telivsion personality Oprah Winfrey is reportedly having second thoughts about running for president in 2020. 

TMZ reports that the former talk show host and billionaire celebrity recently visited "The David Rubenstein Show" on Bloomberg, and mentioned that President Donald Trump's first five weeks of being president have inspired her to act. 

Rubenstein asked Winfrey if she thinks she could run for president and become elected.  After the crowd was done applauding, hooting, and hollering, Winfrey pretended to stumble over her words, garnering laughter from them. Finally, she responded that she never once considered the possibility of running, but since Trump's time in office, she has reconsidered the notion, causing the crowd to once again erupt.

Specifically, Winfrey said: "Oh, oh, oh," a number of times, which garnered laughter from the crowd.  

She said she always thought she didn't have enough experience, didn't know enough for the giant job of leader of the free world, but as Rubenstein pointed out, "It's clear you don’t need government experience to be elected president of the United States."

News of Winfrey's remarks made their way through social media. One user wrote: "She's a successful businesswoman and has never filed for bankruptcy (like Trump). I'd vote for her."

Another added: "Not ever gonna happen after she said "millions of old white people need to die in order for racism to be gone".. #neverforget she never apologized or was held accountable by the media.. no thanks Oprah ..we got it from here!"

A third commented: "Good grief, no political experience is what I hear about President Trump, but let's watch the women say Yes Oprah for president!! hahaha.......the first [woman] President should be Ivanka Trump, brilliant mind!"

One Facebook commenter thought it was a racial issue: "What's funny is how people can say no to her but yes to Trump? So is it because she's a woman or because she's black?"

Another offered a different racial take: "We already had people voting for someone for the color of his skin, and didn't realize the lack of experience, Oprah would be another disaster, aka Obama 3.0. Let real black leaders run like Mr. West, Sheriff Clark, someone who loves this country."

Another thinks that this is becoming a trend: "No thank you! Well d***, maybe Kevin Hart should run too. What is this, find a familiar face and make them president? Donald Trump, although a business man has considered running for 30+ years. He has always been politically active, just has never held a seat in that arena until now.‌"

No word yet on how serious Winfrey was about the proposition. 

Sources: TMZ, TMZ/Facebook / Photo credit: osseous/Flickr

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