I lost my wife due to lack of knowledge of using a condom correctly and consistently to protect her from cotracting HIV, from me  (if I had contracted the vrus) before her, or I contracted the virus from her by not knowing that a condom could protect me from contracting the virus. I am equally a Reverend and I am still serving God, with an HIV postive status. In fact my thesis topic for my Masters Degree in HIV/AIDS with refelction to theological stduies at the Graduate School of Theology in Addis Ababa Ethiopia is " the role of consistent and correct condoms use in saving lives from any life threatening, life demanding life taking,... sexually transimtted infections or diseases, including the HIV." I think it is time for us to think widely and wildly on our doctrines of more than several thousands ago. If a doctrine does not save life it has to create room for life saving, life affirming, life commending, life assuring strategies

Rev. Ayano Chule Deyabo,  ETNERELA+ Ethiopia..


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