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'Operation American Spring' Leader Predicts Violence if Obama Doesn't Resign (Audio)

"Patriots for America" leader Colonel (Ret.) Harry Riley predicted there would be "a violent condition" in the US if the demands of his "Operation American Spring" protest are not met.

Operation American Spring, which will march in Washington D.C. on May 16, is demanding the resignations of President Obama, Vice President Biden and other democratically-elected office holders, according to the Patriots For America website.

While speaking on the radio program "Where's Obama's Birth Certificate?" last month, Riley claimed that Operation American Spring was "bathed in prayer” and “under God,” notes (audio below).

"It’s an honorable movement, it’s bathed in prayer. We’ve got a tab on our website where we’ve got a list of prayer warriors that are working every day in prayer for us," stated Riley. "We’re bathed, it’s under God and we’re going to move up there and trust Him that it will work out because we believe it’s noble, it’s an honorable effort."

Riley went on to claim there are "267 million armed citizens in the United States," which defies logic as there are only 300 million people in the US, which includes children.

According to CNN, a study published in the Injury Prevention Journal, found that 20 percent of gun owners possessed about 65 percent of the guns in the US.

Riley implied that those 267 million gun owners would resort to violence if his demands were not met.

"That’s why we hope and pray that when we field 10-15 million people up there that that’s enough evidence for these boneheads in Washington D.C. to grasp our message, to grasp what we’re telling them that if they don’t do what we’re suggesting or what we’re demanding, then the next option is something that none of us want to see," added Riley. "Those of us that have been in a foxhole, we don’t want to see a violent condition erupt in our nation."

Sources: Patriots For America,, CNN


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