Only Three People Behind Obama At Rose Garden Speech Registered For Obamacare


Out of the 13 people who stood behind President Obama during his speech showing support for Obamacare in the Rose Garden Monday, only three were registered under the new Obamacare exchanges, according to The Daily Caller.

The three people who successfully registered include: Janice Baker, who welcomed the president to the stage and was the only person to have enrolled in health care coverage through Delaware’s state exchange as of last week; David Hall, an IT consultant who registered for health care through the DC Health Link; and Zohre Abolfazli, who signed up through Monday evening and still needs to shop for her “best plan.”

The Daily Mail reports that the other ten included small business owners, 20-somethings who are registered under their parents’ health insurance plans, a pharmacist, and both self-employed and part-time workers.

Official numbers on how many people actually signed up for Obamacare have not yet been released by the White House, and with the main Obamacare website still experiencing glitches, some think that the administration may not follow through with its enrollment goals.

“So here’s the bottom line,” Obama said, placing his program’s health coverage in juxtaposition with the flawed web portal designed to serve it up.

“The product, the health insurance is good. The prices are good. It is a good deal. People don’t just want it; they’re showing up to buy it.”

The numbers released by the federal government over the weekend brings to mind that less than 500,000 Americans have signed up for Obamacare online, the first step in exchanges in order to receive healthcare coverage.

Actual numbers of registrants that are published, including figures received by MailOnline from employees who calculate the numbers for the Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services, show a lower total.

The actual enrollment totals will be made public once each month starting mid-November, the Department of Health and Human Services says.


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