Only Scientist In Congress Supports Iran Deal


Democratic Rep. Bill Foster of Illinois holds the distinction of being the only scientist in Congress, with a Ph.D. in physics from Harvard University. He cites his background in science as his reason for supporting the Iran nuclear deal.

“After carefully weighing all of the options and possible outcomes, I do believe that voting for this deal will make it less likely that Iran will develop a nuclear weapon,” Foster said in a press conference on Capitol Hill.

“My support of this agreement is informed not just by trust but by science,” he added.

Foster said it was clear that the deal would limit Iran’s ability to create nuclear weapons, but that the support of the international community was also crucial.

“I am supporting this deal because I believe that it sets us on a path for a more secure future for the United States, for Israel and for the world,” he said.

Enough lawmakers have openly agreed to vote in favor of the bill to make the successful passage of the deal a virtual guarantee, The Hill reported.

Foster said he’s one of many scientists and lawmakers who support the deal.

“I urge any of my colleagues who harbor doubts about this inspection regime to avail themselves of classified briefings on the details,” he said.

Foster was initially skeptical of the deal.

“If we really want to get serious about stopping nuclear activities in Iran, the Mideast and around the world, we must take this opportunity to strengthen the treaty on non-proliferation of nuclear weapons, including key enforcement and inspection provisions,” he said.

Sources: The Hill (2), Rep. Bill Foster Image via Rep. Bill Foster


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