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People Upset About What Michelle Obama Did With Dog Who Bit Girl's Face (Video)

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First Lady Michelle Obama took the family dog, Sunny, on a trip around the White House after the dog bit one of Malia Obama's friends in the face, and some people are not happy about it.

TMZ reports that in what some are calling an attempt at pet PR, Michelle walked Sunny around the White House in a video that she posted online.  The video was meant to show the first lady giving one last tour of the White House grounds, with her dogs Sunny and Bo in tow.  

But some see the video as a PR stunt, after Sunny recently bit a friend of Malia's in the face, drawing blood.  The girl was required to get stitches after the incident.  

The caption beneath the video reads: "One last walk through the People's House."  

Some are furious that no action is being taken against the animal.  As Mad World News points out, the incident could have caused serious injury, had the girl's eye socket been damaged in the attack.  

The first lady's post has some up in arms, while others see no story here at all. 

Sources: TMZ, Mad World News / Photo credit: Mad World News

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