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Searches For 'Where Are Melania And Barron?' Surge

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Where in the world are Melania and Barron Trump?

According to data from Google Trends, that's the question many are asking, Inquisitr reports.

On Aug. 6, the question "Where is Melania Trump?" was up more than 400 percent than usual, while "Where are Melania and Barron this weekend?" surged up to 350 percent.

The first lady was last photographed crossing a White House Lawn on July 25. Since then, the public has not seen her.

Meanwhile, it's been even longer since a recent photo of first son Barron has circulated online. The most recent is from June 30.

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News of their absence has sparked some debate on social media.

Some offered their own theories where the two could be.

A few were practical.

"Maybe Melania and Baron went to visit her family, which would rather not be photographed constantly.. on a visit," wrote one person. "Yes she has a mom and dad.. who are both very healthy, not that old.. and l'm sure love for her to come and bring Baron with her... which August is a good month for her to go stay with them."

Others thought something deeper was going on.

"Together and enjoying themselves away from him," said a reader. "Who wouldn't?"

"Well Ivanka is imposing herself and promoting herself as First Lady," said a second. "Melanita is tired of competing."

"Think they both may have some girlfriends and boyfriends," added another.

Many argued it was nobody's business.

"Good for them!" said one person. "This proves that someone can disappear no matter what the media wants. They can have private lives and it's nobody's business."

"Not anyone's business maybe they both have others in their lives who cares," said another. "Would this be the first president and their wife to be messing around ??? I don't think so. But if this is what they both want so be it. They really only have one person to consider and that is their son. So keep your nose out of their private lives."

While many wonder where Melania and Barron are, President Donald Trump made news after crashing a wedding during a trip to his New Jersey country club on Aug. 5.

"Everyone having a good time?" Trump asked the wedding party, while guests shrieked when they realized the president was approaching, reports Slate.

Trump then asked how things were going at his club and requested he speak to the bride and groom personally.

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