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Soul Legend Sam Moore Agrees To Perform At Inauguration


Rock & Roll Hall of Famer and Grammy-award winning singer Sam Moore will perform at the Inauguration Day ceremony for President-elect Donald Trump on Jan. 20. Moore is known as one of the most successful soul singers in history.

"As an American, I am honored to perform for President-elect Donald Trump," Moore said, notes TMZ. "I was a participant in the civil rights movement and have seen many positive changes and advancement in my 81 years of living in this wonderful country."

Trump and the inauguration committee has had trouble securing acts for the event. Broadway performer Jennifer Holliday was scheduled to sing, but has since backed out amid rumors of death threats against her, and the reaction from the LGBT community.

"It was all of those things," a representative for Holliday said. "She wasn’t scared to perform. She didn’t want to put her family at risk based on the death threats and she also didn’t want to offend the LGBT community which was especially upset that a past ally would perform on a program with President-Elect Donald Trump."

Even cover bands are refusing to perform at the event. The B Street Band, a Bruce Springsteen cover band, had backed out of their commitment to perform at the program on Jan. 20, notes Gothamist.

"With deepest apologies to our fans and the New Jersey Inaugural Ball committee, the B Street Band is withdrawing from performing at this year's inauguration Gala," the band wrote in a statement sent to Backstreets, an online Springsteen fan magazine, reports Gothamist. "Our decision is based SOLELY on the respect and gratitude we have for Bruce and the E Street Band. Bruce's music has been the foundation of our livelihood. The B Street Band would not exist without the talents of Bruce and our E Street brothers. We are most grateful to these rock legends and look forward to many more years of emulating and performing the Forever Music, of Bruce Springsteen."

"Nice guys," Stevie Van Zandt, a member of the E Street Band, tweeted on Jan. 14, of the B Street Band. "Met them. I wouldn't say right or wrong. Up to them. But it's naive to think one can separate Art and Politics. Art IS Politics."

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