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One Company Received Majority Of Taxpayer Money In Afghanistan Rebuild

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It’s not a secret that war and conflict lead to profit in certain industries. At least one company, a new report suggests, is entirely dependent on funding from the federal government for its involvement in Afghanistan. The company, DynCorp International, makes 96% of its revenue from government contracts, primarily in efforts to rebuild Afghanistan. 

According to AllGov, the Special Inspector General for Afghanistan Reconstruction (SIGAR) has reported that 69.3% of the $4 billion allotted by the U.S. State Department from 2002 to 2013 for rebuilding efforts in Afghanistan has gone to DynCorp. The company has been training the Afghan National Police and other law enforcement agencies in the country. 

DynCorp’s involvement in Afghanistan was heavily criticized after WikiLeaks released a diplomatic cable that revealed the company had hired an underage Afghan boy to dance for them in 2009.

Despite this incident, Dyncorp remains by far the most funded corporation by the State Department. According to RT, the company that received the second-most amount of money from the government received $597.8 million, about one-fourth of DynCorp’s sum. The third company, Civilian Police International LLC, received $53.6 million. 

In an article posted on the Project on Government Oversight (POGO) Blog, author Neil Gordon suggested DynCorp has a tainted history beyond the incident involving the young boy. DynCorp’s history, according to Gordon, includes “instances of labor smuggling, weak performance and overpayments on a base support services contract, botched construction work on an Afghan Army garrison, and lawsuits filed by disgruntled subcontractors.” 

Despite this history, DynCorp has received an immense sum of taxpayer money for its involvement in what has now become the U.S.’s longest war.


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