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Once President Material, John Edwards Will be Indicted by Grand Jury

Considered one of the most promising young politicians of his generation less than two years ago, former Democratic presidential candidate John Edwards will soon by indicted by a federal grand jury.

All this according to the National Enquirer. The California-based news source may have been cause for eyerolls and doubt during its martian-spotting days, but the national tabloid has earned its journalistic chops as of late -- especially on the sordid subject of Edwards and his baffling affair with videographer Reille Hunter.

The American public has watched Edwards free fall from John Kerry's golden boy running mate in 2004 to prime time gossip fodder and the smarmy subject of tell-all books. Edwards has been a one-man scandal machine since his affair with Hunter became public in 2008, and the Enquirer says the grand jury's charges stem from that relationship. 

"At issue," the Enquirer says. "is whether there were possible campaign violations related to paying his mistress Rielle Hunter." If you've been keeping tabs, Reille produced short videos for the Edwards campaign in 2008 at a high cost -- only to have them quickly yanked from the candidates Web site and virtually buried.

Not unlike the political career of Edwards. 

Of course, there are still those who hold out hope for the good-looking, wealthy Southerner and a political return to glory. But with each passing week, it seems he finds himself far away from redemption and much closer to "remember the guy who screwed it all up?" 


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