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Once a Critic, Cancer Survivor Now Supports Obamacare

In a Los Angeles Times op-ed, Spike Dolomite Ward, a Los Angeles resident who was upset with President Obama for signing health care reform (ObamaCare) into law, has offered an apology to the president after losing her health insurance and contracting breast cancer.

Ward actually switched her registration from Democrat to Independent and altered her Obama bumpers sticker to read "Got Nope" because she was angered by Obama's plan. But now Ward admits that she didn't actually research ObamaCare before slamming the health care plan and attacking the president.

Two years ago, Spike Dolomite Ward and her husband had to choose between paying their mortgage or keeping their health insurance. They kept the house, but then Ward was diagnosed with breast cancer.

She didn't know how she'd afford months of expensive treatment, until she discovered the Pre-Existing Condition Insurance Plan, which is part of Obama's healthcare plan. Now she's publicly "outed" herself in the hopes that she can teach ObamaCare opponents that the uninsured aren't just lazy freeloaders.

Ward says that she currently has third-stage breast cancer and is facing months of treatment.

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