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On Abortion, Obama Chooses His Words Carefully

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By Cathy Ruse | FRC Blog

In his answer to the question on the Freedom of Choice Act, President Obama
first said abortion was a "moral issue" and then went on to say:

'[T]his is an issue that... individual women have to wrestle with... And I
think they are in a better position to make these decisions ultimately than
members of Congress or a president of the United States... So that has been my
consistent position. The other thing that I said consistently during the
campaign is I would like to reduce the number of unwanted pregnancies that
result in women feeling compelled to get an abortion, or at least considering
getting an abortion...'

These were careful words. Notice that Obama avoided any phrasing that would
suggest that he believes abortions per se ought to be reduced. He
doesn't ever assert that we ought to reduce the number of abortions because that
would cast abortion in a negative light; wanting fewer abortions suggests
abortion is a negative thing that ought to be reduced. Rather he is always
careful to say that he wants to reduce the need for abortion, which leaves
abortion as a "good" and casts the pregnancy (or rather the child) as the bad
that should be reduced.

The Democrat platform under Obama was changed from making abortion "rare" to
reducing the need for abortion -- a move deeper into pro-abortion orthodoxy.
It's like the child is the dreaded disease and abortion is the wonderful vaccine
-- why would we want fewer of those wonderful vaccines? It's the dreaded disease
we want to reduce!

Obama is careful in his choice of words and so should pro-lifers be: do not
ever give Obama credit for wanting to reduce abortions.


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