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Should Oklahoma's Ten Commandments Statue Be Taken Down?

The privately funded monument of the Ten Commandments on Oklahoma State Capitol grounds was ordered to be removed by Oct. 12.

Though the Oklahoma Supreme Court made the decision in June, on the grounds that the state’s Constitution bans the use of state property to benefit a specific religion, lawmakers pushed back. However, in September, a judge gave the state until Oct. 12 to remove the monument.

The Capitol Preservation Commission, which oversees art in public spaces, voted 7-1 on Sept. 29 to authorize the monument’s removal by the Office of Management and Enterprise Services, Reuters reported.

Republican Rep. Mike Ritze of Oklahoma paid $10,000 to erect the 6-foot-tall granite monument. It’s unclear where it will be placed after its removal.

Estela Hernandez, interim chair of the Oklahoma Republican Party, told KFOR that the state GOP has asked to display the monument.

Sources: Reuters via The Huffington Post, KFOR / Photo credit: KFOR


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