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Oklahoma Rep. Asks Muslims To Fill Out Shocking Form


A Tulsa, Oklahoma, lawmaker sparked controversy for requiring his Muslim constituents to answer the question, "Do you beat your wife?"

Republican state Rep. John Bennett handed out a questionnaire as the state's chapter of the Council on American-Islamic Relations organized its annual Muslim Day at the capitol building. Bennett, who reportedly once likened Islam to a cancer, required Muslims who wanted to see him at Capitol to fill out the form before doing so, CBS News reports.

Questions on the form asked Muslims if they would denounce terrorist organizations like Hezbollah and Hamas, and if they believed former Muslims should be punished for leaving the religion. The question that garnered the most controversy and criticism was one that asked if Muslims beat their wives.

Adam Soltani, executive director of the Oklahoma chapter of the Council on American-Islamic Relations, shared a video of the questionnaire to Facebook on March 2 with the caption, "You won't believe what Islamophobic Bigot John Bennet is up to now."

Bennett garnered criticism in November for advocating for Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton to be shot by a firing squad. The social media post included a picture of Clinton alongside the caption, "2 worlds... firing squad."

"It amazes me that anyone would think that," Bennett told KOTV following the controversy. "I don’t advocate anybody kill anybody for any reason. It was a post on my Facebook page just my feelings coming out on Facebook. How many people times did people call for Bush to be put in front of a firing squad?"

Despite defending his post, Bennett said he'd be "happy to see" Clinton "behind bars in an orange jumpsuit."

Readers at the time called Bennett out for his assertions regarding Clinton.

"No one I know called for the assassination of Bush or Cheney, though we still think they should be tried for war crimes," one KOTV reader commented at the time. "But no one, not even a state representative, should be calling for a firing squad, or any other means of death, of a presidential candidate (or anyone else) who has not been tried and found guilty of major crimes. This man is an extremist menace. There are many crazy people (as I can see from the comments) who might try to do what he suggests."

"And another example of why Oklahoma is considered the laughing stock of the USA. Obviously our esteemed (NOT) legislator failed his Civics and/or government class miserably. I, for one, am getting sick and tired of being represented by willfully ignorant red-neck Klanners," another added. 

Sources: CBS News, KOTV / Photo credit: Fort Greene Focus/Flickr

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