Oklahoma Lawmaker Threatens To Light Himself On Fire Over Abortion

Republican Rep. Kevin Calvey of Oklahoma City, Oklahoma, got pretty heated when debating an issue that involved abortion - so much so, he threatened to set himself on fire.

Senate Bill 548 would give a raise to Supreme Court justices, but Calvey believes the highest court is not doing enough to prevent Oklahoma women from having access to abortion. 

“If I were not a Christian, and didn’t have a prohibition against suicide, I’d walk across the street and douse myself in gasoline and set myself on fire!” he said.

Calvey added, “To protest the evil that is going on over there, killing, giving the death penalty, to the will of the people and the will of this body and protecting the least among us.”

Calvey told KFOR he didn’t he didn’t regret his statement. “No, not one bit, I think that I’m hopeful to draw attention to this serious issue,” he said. “The problem is, our state Supreme Court has killed every law going before it that is designed to protect women and babies from the predatory abortion industry.” According to his LinkedIn profile, Calvey is the vice president of Oklahomans for Life.

Republican Rep. Earl Sears, who co-wrote the bill, said the legislation has nothing to do with abortion. “I personally do not connect this bill the way he did, and made this that we punish the justices because of a ruling they made,” he said.

Reddit user redacteduserid wryly commented on the story, “His body, his choice.”

Sources: NewsOK, KFOR, Reddit, LinkedIn Image via NewsOK


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