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Oklahoma Gov. Mary Fallin Signs Open-Carry Gun Law

Oklahoma Gov. Mary Fallin signed an open-carry gun law this week, which goes into effect November 1. 

Gov. Fallin said: "As a strong supporter of the Second Amendment and a gun owner myself, I'm happy to sign this bill into law and grant law-abiding citizens the ability to openly carry firearms," reports

The law will allow people, with permits to carry firearms under the Oklahoma Self Defense Act, to choose whether to conceal their weapons or carry them openly.

The law previously required permit holders to conceal their firearms.

On Wednesday, officials from state law enforcement agencies said they aren't sure how they will handle the new law.

Oklahoma Highway Patrol Capt. Chris West said: “We're reviewing the statute and researching the law and will brief and train our troopers about the law after this process is completed."

Oklahoma City Police Master Sgt. Gary Knight said: “Officers are always trained to watch people's hands. That's always where a weapon will be. Whether this is going to cause any more issues with this remains to be seen.”


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